Learn the German tradition of Stammtisch, and see how you can apply it (and our aptly named beer) to your happy hour gatherings.

Stammtisch: An Exceptional Bier Named After a German Tradition

By Nate Brinson, UCBC Training Coordinator

Sometimes all you need is pleasant conversation and a tasty, easy drinking beer, thus the German tradition of the Stammtisch! Befitting of the German’s reputation as a descriptive language (Stamm = Regular and Tisch = table) the Stammtisch is a gathering reserved for regular customers of a bar/restaurant/biergarten/brewery tasting room; it is one of Germany’s most beloved traditions.  

Initially, these meetings were reserved for the town’s elites to discuss local politics and business, today ANY regular is allowed to become a part of the Stammtisch*. There are several ways to identify a Stammtisch. Some feature a large sign denoting when the Stammtisch takes place (daily, weekly, or monthly) hanging above the table, some place a sign on the table, while others will feature a specially designed table. Occasionally, it will not be so obvious. For example, you might see a table in which all of the guests are drinking from unique glass/stoneware. That’s a potential clue that you’ve encountered a Stammtisch!

Regardless, the Stammtisch is just a place to have a beer and discuss any topic that comes up. You might also see members playing a card game like Skat or Schafkopf. You need an invite to sit at the Stammtisch or else you risk some dirty looks by the regulars, and it is a massive honor to receive such an invite!

This brings us to Stammtisch, our German Pilsner. We chose this name for several reasons. First, Pilsner is often consumed at a Stammtisch. Second, a proper Stammtisch (the gathering) will feature beer, but also spirited discussion, and therefore, a beer that is full of character while also sessionable is the perfect accompaniment.

Our German Pilsner prominently features a snappy yet soft bitterness with floral, spicy aromas from traditional Bavarian (Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Hersbrucker) and Alsatian (Aramis and Strisselspalt) hops and a crisp finish. Not only is this ideal for a Stammtisch, but this also makes it quite versatile to pair with food! Its assertive hop character stands up to rich food and powerful spices while its fairly light body makes sure that it does not overwhelm delicate dishes.

It also makes for a perfect beer to enjoy after work with coworkers. And yes, we can confirm that Stammtisch is the most popular UCBC shift beer amongst our production crew!

Either Urban Chestnut location would be perfect for your Stammtisch group, and our Grove location has plenty of large tables for your friends, family, or coworkers to join you. Whether at happy hour, at the dinner table, or at your Stammtisch, we think Stammtisch Pilsner should become one of your regular beers!

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*You can watch this TV spot from the 1960s about a Stammtisch in Bamberg where one of the members explains that the typical days involves going for a morning walk before heading to the Stammtisch for a morning beer. The afternoon involves a trip to the Bierkeller/Biergarten and ending the day back at the Stammtisch. He also explains that beer drinking at pub is only for men; fortunately, much has changed in the last 60 years.