UCBC's message of thanks in honor of American Craft Beer Week

Our message of thanks in honor of American Craft Beer Week

To all UCBC supporters both near and far: We hope you are each doing well and staying healthy. These are such difficult times when health and community support matter most. UCBC, like most breweries, bars, and restaurants in the STL-area, has been negatively impacted by the pandemic in many ways, but we are hopeful we will recover and be stronger than ever. The hope stems from the bright spots of caring and giving we have seen over these past couple of months. Here are a few examples of where you as our UCBC community has moved us and motivated us to keep going:

  • When we implemented our carryout and delivery services, you were there to support us unconditionally (even as we made many changes in the beginning to adapt to this new way of service).
  • When we set up the fundraising campaign for our out-of-work staff, you helped us raise over $11,000.
  • When we implemented our new Take ‘n Bake pizza model, you depleted our inventory within the first day.
  • When we partnered with 4Hands Brewing on The City Six Combo, you helped us raise $2,000 for the Gateway Resilience Fund.

We want to say thank you for continuing to support us. We are in this together, and united by craft beer. Beer does not make everything better, but it sure helps. With that, American Craft Beer Week (May 11-17) has incredible potential to galvanize the craft beer community in a collective and effective way. As you continue to support UCBC and other independent craft breweries this week, please, if you have the means to do so, consider participating in the following ways:

  • Donate to the Believe in Beer Craft Brewery Relief Fund to help craft breweries and state brewers guilds weather this unprecedented financial storm.
  • Donate to the Gateway Resilience Fund, which makes grants to support employees, essential contractors, and owners of small businesses in the St. Louis region who are experiencing a financial burden due to the coronavirus pandemic. (We also have a few certificates left to reserve your bottle of the Common Bond Single Malt - our collab with Switchgrass Spirits & other STL breweries to raise funds for the Gateway Resilience Fund).
  • Continue to support UCBC and other independent brewery businesses by giving the gift of craft beer through delivery of beer, beer-to-go, gift cards or merch.

Finally, we are working on our future plans for re-opening that we will share with you as soon as we have details. We can't wait to see all of you! Be well and Prost!